This is work I made between 1998-2001. I was in school at SUNY New Paltz at the time.

The quilts were inspired by my mom and a quilt she had made me when I was 18. Soon after I got to New Paltz my father passed away and I wanted to find a ways to connect with my mother, who is a seamstress and quilter.

The sewing machines and gloves were part of an installation called, Women Have Always Worked.  This work looks at the history of labor and women and attempts to challenge the idea that women joined the work force rather than always being part of it. This piece has a sound element as well.

At this moment, I am cannot remember the reason for making the bridge piece. But, when I look at this piece I think about how I dealt with being one of the few women in a male dominated department–often by making large heavy pieces.

Thanks to Karen Kirchhoff, I was able to digitize some old slides of my work.


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