Young, Jewish and Left

(Co-Director, Assistant Editor, 2006)

A celebration of diversity, Young, Jewish and Left weaves queer culture, Jewish Arab history, secular Yiddishkeit, anti-racist analysis, and religious/spiritual traditions into a multi-layered tapestry of Leftist politics. Personal experiences from many of today’s leading Jewish activists reframe the possibilities of Jewish identity. It presents a fresh and constructive take on race, spirituality, Zionism, queerness, resistance, justice, and liberation.

Young, Jewish, and Left was shot throughout the US and focuses on Jews who came of age after the New Left movements of the 60’s and 70’s. Activists from the previous generation provide historical context. Music by Mirah, Nomy Lamm, and the Divahn.

Young Jewish and Left provides a beautiful cross-section of today’s visionary thinkers, activists, and artists. The film celebrates the profound legacy of resistance among Jews—and criticizes the reactionary elements in Jewish communities, from the occupation to assimilation, patriarchy and homophobia. And it calls the Left to task for generally lacking an understanding of Jewish history or culture.”
—Dan Berger, Left Turn Magazine

Nominated – Best Documentary, 2006 ARPA International Film Festival
Official Selection, 2007 Pioneer Valley Jewish Film Festival
Official Selection, 2007 Minneapolis Jewish Film Festival
Official Selection, 2007 Not Quite Kosher Film Festival, San Diego State University Hillel
Official Selection, 2007 Big Muddy Film Festival, University of Southern Illinois
Offiical Selection, 2007 Jewdas Jewish Film Festival, London
Official Selection, 2007 National Conference on Organized Resistance
Official Selection, 2007 Practicing Jews: Art, Identity, and Culture Conference
Official Selection, 2008 Maine Jewish Film Festival