Postcards and Jars

Two things I love, postcards and placing objects in jars.

I have been maintaining a pen-pal relationship with a friend who lives in the Mid-West for over 5 years now. We write each other once a month and rarely ever communicate using phone or email (mostly only to inform one another of address changes). It is a great way to reflect on my life on a monthly basis, get beautiful images in the mail, and have the enjoyment of finding great postcards.

I have always collected junk: off the street, from flea markets and yard sales, natural and man made objects. A couple years ago, I decided to allow myself to collect as much as I want as long as it fits in a jar. That would keep me from lugging large objects around and makes moving a lot easier. It was also a wonderful way to display my stuff, keep similar objects together, or create a jar from a particular adventure or trip.

I was excited the other day to realize I was able to place small postcards in jars and create little displays within them. Here are a few:

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